My name’s Sarah, I have two gorgeous kids, a lovely hubby and we’re complete gardening novices in our second year of allotmenteering!


As a family we have a love for the outdoors and are definitely not afraid of getting our hands dirty, myself and the kids love the gardening and hubby loves to cook, what a perfect combination!


Since we’re relatively new to this, we’re keen to encourage others to grab a spade and have a go, if we can do it, then there’s not many that can’t.


We will share our adventures and the things that we learn as we go along!

You can follow us on instagram too @diggingtheearth!

Sarah x



4 thoughts on “About

  1. james kendall says:

    Hi Sarah, enjoying your gardening blog on facebook! I’m Jay been a pro gardener 27yrs been self employed 6yrs. love growing strange fruit and veggies in my small walled garden outskirts of Reading. your welcome to message/add me on facebook jay kendal with the funky blue garden fence


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