Each to Their Own

Writing this in somewhat amount of shock. I’m a member of a number of Facebook groups, from allotment recycling methods to no dig groups. I’ve recently had an uncomfortable experience in one of these groups where it was suggested that the photo that I had posted with explanation was not actually the method that I had used to create the results in the photo along with various comments about how my methods were wrong.

Wow, where to start?! Firstly I don’t appreciate it being suggested that I had posted an untruth. Secondly, we’re all here to learn aren’t we? It’s made me think about how I will be reluctant to post in a group again especially confessing that I am not fully no dig and that I do dig and dare I say it, rotivate some areas in a ‘no dig’ group.

For me gardening is a personal thing and there are an infinite number of methods, tips, tricks and personal ways of doing things. And if someone shows interest in your way, help them along the way, not blast them for what they currently do, there’s no need!

So here’s the promise, all of my platforms, whether it be blog, insta, Twitter or whatever, they come without judgement. I’m genuinely interested in your way too, I’m here to learn. I’m pleased to connect with another gardener!

Rant over,


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